20+ Unedited Photos Showing What aespa’s Giselle Really Looks Like IRL

#5 shows how beautiful she is with no makeup!

Aespa‘s Giselle often impresses fans with her gorgeous looks in edited photos where she goes full glam.  She is just as pretty in unedited photos with stage makeup, and when she goes shares no-makeup selfies.

Check out some gorgeous unedited pictures of Giselle below!

1. SMTOWN in Tokyo

This cute unedited photoset shows off Giselle’s personality!

2. Paris Fashion Week

Giselle stunned while wearing a little black dress in Paris for fashion week.

3. She’s always excited to see fans.

Fans praised Giselle for how animated she always is while speaking with fans.

4. Red hair suited her well.

These fan-taken photos of Giselle at the airport with very little make-up show how pretty she is with red hair!

5. She has no problem posting no-makeup photos.

Giselle’s naturally gorgeous bare face proves how much of a visual she is!

6. All eyes were on her at this event.

She was the main attraction at the “Acqua Di Parma” event in a little black dress.

7. Imagine seeing her this close-up!

Fans have been lucky enough to see Giselle up close during the group’s many international schedules.

8. She looks lovely in this candid photo!


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