20 Wild Things Stray Kids Have Said That Sound Fake—But Are 100% Real

You’re guaranteed to be wheezing by the end.

Between their shows, broadcasts, and other video clips, there’s no shortage of Stray Kids content. Even though the actions of all the group members are funny, the things they say are far more hilarious. Twitter user @chanlix gathered an endless list of those moments. Here are twenty of the funniest ones that’ll have you cracking up at how fake they sound.

1. Misery Loves Company

2. Putting Hands Where?

3. Changbin’s New Nickname

4. I.N’s Determination

5. Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

6. Felix Can Only Handle So Much Stray Kids

7. A Sweet Send-Off For Lee Know

8. Protecting The Children

9. A New Meaning For “Break A Leg”

10. If Han Says Pine Trees Are Good, They’re Good

11. Accepting The End Of A Relationship

12. The Almighty Changbin

13. Five Finger Discounts

14. Before The Breakup

15. This Is A No-Pants Challenge

16. Step One: Acceptance

17. Who’s Hiring?

18. A Compliment?

19. Han The Brain Surgeon

20. Don’t Think People Usually Make Those…

Source: Twitter

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