Here Are 9 Male Idols Born In 2002 Who Chew Up The Stage With Their Charisma

#6 is just too good. 🔥

These ’02 liner idols may be young, but that doesn’t stop them from setting the stage on fire every time they perform. Check out the 9 most charismatic 2002-born idols who will leave you absolutely shook at their insane charisma!

1. Huening Kai (TXT)

TXT’s maknae may be cute, but the moment he steps on stage, he turns up the heat.

2. Lee Eunsang

Eunsang’s fierce gaze will probably light you on fire if you stare back for too long.

3. Jay (ENHYPEN)

Jay might be fun and games off stage, but his passion shows when he performs.

4. Yedam (TREASURE)

Yedam’s soft charisma and immense talent make him own any stage.

5. Jisung (NCT)

Jisung has grown up well over the years, and it shows in his confidence when performing.

6. Kim Samuel

Kim Samuel can execute any concept and make it look effortless.

7. Taehyun (TXT)

Taehyun’s incredible dance moves, along with his big eyes, are totally hypnotizing.

8. Son Dongpyo

Don’t let Dongpyo’s cute appearance fool you — He oozes charisma on stage.

9. Hyeonjun (Cravity)

As Hyeonjun grows up, he gets even better at showing his cool side.