Here Are 8 Handsome Male Idols Born In 2004 Who Are Shocking Netizens With Their Visuals

#5 recently went viral.

These 8 male idols are convincing netizens that 2004 was a year of visuals! Check out their choices below.

1. Jungwon (ENHYPEN)

ENHYPEN’s leader gained attention during his time on I-LAND for his soft and cute visuals.


2. Jinwoo (GHOST9)

Known for his baby-like looks during his time on Produce X 101, Jinwoo surprised fans with his maturing image!


3. Haruto (TREASURE)

Haruto’s masculine features and deep voice make him an instant stan attractor for new fans of TREASURE.


4. Alex (DRIPPIN)

From a German father and a Korean mother, Alex’s stunning visuals make fans fall for him.


5. Win (MCND)

Win initially gained attention from netizens for his cute visuals when he was filmed standing behind the MCs during SBS Inkigayo.


6. Baekseung (EPEX)

From his height to the freckle under his eyes, Baekseung has listed many of his physical features as his charming points!


7. Jang Yubin (MIRAE)

Yubin might have mature and handsome visuals, but he’s actually the maknae of MIRAE.

8. Doha (BAE173)

Doha’s good looks lead him to even become a child actor when he was young.

Source: Nate Pann