Here Are The Top 10 Most Viewed Stages From 2020 MAMA So Far

These performances are EPIC.

At the time of this article, these are the top 10 performances of 2020 MAMA with the highest view count. Check out the awesome stages below!


10. TXT’s “Short Hair + She Was Pretty + Dynamite” — 1.5M Views

TXT’s stage “Welcome to the DISCO” brought an exciting medley that even featured a cover performance of their fellow Big Hit Entertainment seniors, BTS.

9. MAMAMOO’s “AYA + Dingga (Agrabah Ver.)” — 1.8M Views

MAMAMOO proved their goddess status with this powerful performance (Just check out the size of those thrones)!

8. Hwasa’s “Maria” — 1.9M Views

Hwasa didn’t let MooMoos hearts rest for long with her “Maria” performance — and showed exactly why she won “Best Dance Performance: Solo”.

7. Stray Kids’ “Victory Song (MAMA Ver.)” — 2M Views

Stray Kids put on a powerful performance featuring weapons and more, proving they are still victorious in their own right.

6. NCT’s “Resonance” — 2M Views

NCT put on a performance of epic proportions for their latest release, “Resonance.”

5. TWICE’s “Cry For Me” — 2.2M Views

TWICE’s never-before-seen stage has fans begging for an official release of “Cry For Me.”

4. BTS’s “Dynamite” — 2.5M Views

BTS brought some joy and color to MAMA with their explosive “Dynamite” performance.

3. TWICE’s “More & More + I Can’t Stop Me” — 2.7M Views

TWICE put on an alluring performance of the singles from their two previous comebacks.

2. BTS’s “Life Goes On” — 2.8M Views

BTS showed the isolated feeling of living in a pandemic while dreaming of better days with their hopeful song, “Life Goes On.”

1. BTS’s “ON” — 3M Views

This show-stopping performance of “ON” took place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.