10 Most Memorable Red Carpet Looks From The “2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards”

Which one is your fave?

The 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards isn’t just a place where artists perform on the biggest stages, but also a time when they can get dolled up and pose in front of cameras. MAMA begins with a red carpet event where performers and presenters of awards show off their outfits and pause for a short interview.

Check out some of the most memorable looks of the night!

1. Tiffany

First up, soloist and Girls’ Generation member Tiffany went for a bold and sexy look with a lace dress. All eyes were on her when she entered the venue!


2. Sooyoung

Fellow Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung also stood out in a bright red jumpsuit. If you look closely, she paired her leather pants with a sheer turtleneck top over a black bralette. She covered these with a blazer with gold embellishments.


3. Lee Jung

YGX dancer and choreographer Lee Jung stood out with her brightly colored gold skirt and fur coat. Interestingly, she wore a thick black choker attached to a silver chain that ran down her torso.

YGX’s Lee Jung

4. Noze

Noze from dance crew WayB looked dainty in her skin tone colored bodycon dress. It was a slightly sheer two-piece with jewels decorating it from top to bottom.

WayB’s Noze

5. Street Woman Fighter

In fact, the entire crew of Street Woman Fighter deserved praise for their looks! They were all dressed with interesting cuts, patterns, and colors that showed off their individuality.

Street Woman Fighter cast

6. Lee Hyori

The SWF ladies had a joint performance with none other than Lee Hyori. The singer in question dazzled viewers with her royal blue strapless dress and light brown hair color.

Lee Hyori

7. TXT

As for the boys, TXT was the definition of “trendy” with their modern take on the usual red carpet coats and blazers.


Hueningkai, for example, was not unlike royalty with his long coat positioned just slightly off his shoulders.


Yeonjun also wasn’t shy to be more daring with animal print lapels and a chain necklace.


8. ITZY’s Yeji and Chaeryeong

Yeji and Chaeryeong were the only two members in ITZY who wore pants to the red carpet event. As all fans can agree, they were simple but glamorous at the same time.


9. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

At first glance, ATEEZ’s Seonghwa may seem to have on a classic black suit. Upon closer inspection, however, his tie was actually inside his blazer—sans shirt, of course.

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa (center)

10. aespa’s Ningning

Finally, aespa’s Ningning brought out her bad girl persona in a short leather dress. With heavy eyeliner and a serious expression, she made her mark on the red carpet!

aespa’s Ningning 

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