21 Dangerous Moments When BTS Turned Something So Boring Like Drinking Water Into A Sexy Show For Your #ThirstyTuesday

Who knew drinking water could be sinfully sexy in the hands of BTS?

It’s already a given that K-Pop idols such as BTS can look dangerously sexy when they’re doing sexy things such as including hip thrusts into their dancing…

…or naughtily sneaking their tongues out while performing.

But can they still look sexy AF even when they’re doing something so plain and boring such as drinking water? Well, judging from this one…

…and this one…

…and especially, this one, it turns out that they can!


If you’re not yet convinced, though, here are 20+ moments of BTS drinking water to make you thirsty for your #ThirstyTuesday fill. Enjoy!


RM isn’t just sexy when he’s spitting raps and speaking fluently in English — he looks fatal when drinking water from the bottle, too.

The plain white shirt plus spectacles plus confident way of drinking makes you think of a hot librarian or a sporty intellectual, doesn’t it?


Sure, he’s worldwide handsome so it’s a given that he already looks good when doing mundane tasks…

…but did you really have to close your eyes while drinking water, Jin?


The S in Suga stands for “sweat”…

…as in, he’ll make ARMYs sweat because of how hot he looks when he simply just wants to stay hydrated.


The reason why J-Hope looks so good whenever he’s drinking water is because it enhances his already sharp jawline.


With Jimin, it’s all about his juicy, plump lips, and the way he drinks is so hypnotizing that you have surely replayed this gif at least twice, haven’t you?


Every ARMY is familiar with V’s tongue habit — so you already know it’s going to hit different when he’s the one who’s drinking water straight from the bottle.



And although Jungkook looks innocent enough in this one…

…this one looks like it’s a NSFW-type of content, depending on how your mind works.

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