9 Things BTS Absolutely Needs to Stop Doing Right Now For ARMY’s Health

A moment of silence for all the ARMYs who are feeling so attacked right now.

Warning: Posts about BTS’s breath-taking habits and “I-can’t-believe-he-did-that” mannerisms below. Please proceed with caution.

It’s no secret that BTS is composed of all-around talented kings. Their record-breaking views on YouTube, heart-pumping dance choreographies and award-winning songs have all proven it.

They can sing different genres of music with various styles and still manage to inject their personalities into their songs.

They can rap: slow, smooth and deep as they can go, or so unbelievably fast that you can’t even follow.

And they can definitely and undoubtedly dance. 

Yes, BTS can do anything. 

But is it possible to ask them to stop doing these immensely heart-stopping habits and breath-taking mannerisms? 

It’s not good for a typical ARMY’s fragile heart.

Here are nine of them you may also be familiar with:

1. Stop dancing to “Baepsae” 

For a song that talks about the pressure placed on today’s generation, there’s a lot of hip thrusts action to go around.

Maybe that’s their version of “put a lot more effort”?

2. Stop wearing transparent clothes

An ARMY’s mind is a creative little thing, so better to leave more for the imagination.

3. Stop exposing your necks too much

Here’s an idea: why don’t we all start wearing scarves and turtlenecks during summer?

4. Stop drinking water on stage

How can doing something so common as drinking water look so magical when these boys do it?

From now on, this is the only type of onstage water-drinking allowed:

5. Stop showing their abs

For every set of abs shown, a hundred ARMYs instantly have trouble breathing.

6. Stop their gentle and soft interactions with children

Can you hear all those fanfictions about BTS as fathers being written?

We can already hear the gears spinning.

7. And puppies

Because, yes, there is such a thing as too much cuteness and ARMYs all over the world may not be able to handle it.

8. Stop licking their lips and putting their tongues out

On second thought, it must be because they’re putting their lip balms to a good use, especially BTS V. 

At 2019’s MMAs, he applied his lip balm and hid the brand, but ARMYs found out and it got sold out anyway.

This takes the meaning of “tongue technology” to a whole new level.

9. Stop switching from “smiley mode” to “serious and focused” in a heartbeat

Everybody knows you shouldn’t attack someone who can’t defend themselves. This concept applies to this situation perfectly.

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