BTS’s V Tried To Hide His Lip Balm’s Brand, But It Sold Out Anyway

Fans quickly found out which lip balm he brought to the MMAs.

If the police hired ARMY, no case would go unsolved. Their detective skills are next level — just ask BTS‘s V!


This “sold out king” has unintentionally sold out everything from luxury robes to inexpensive bracelets, thanks to his adoring fans. It’s gotten to the point where he risks not being able to buy his own favorite products if he doesn’t hide the brand!


At Melon Music Awards 2019 (MMAs), a fancam captured V doing everything in his power to keep his lip balm a secret. He held the lip balm with his whole fist, like a kid would hold a crayon, to apply it.


Within hours though, ARMYs located the lip balm online…


…and bought out the stock!


Even ARMYs can’t believe their fandom’s detective skills!


Check out the full fancam here:


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