5 Products BTS’s V Unintentionally Sold Out In 2019

He brought in more business than these retailers could handle.

Like Jungkook, BTS‘s has a superpower: he can sell out any product he touches. Here are some of the products he has sold out in 2019, so far!


1. This expensive robe

In a tourism ad for Visit Seoul, V wears this Fear of God Plaid Flannel Robe that can sell for more than $1000 USD, depending on the store. That didn’t stop ARMY from emptying their wallets!

In just one day, the robe sold out in several online stores, including MatchesFashion and FarFetch.


2. This sweater

In a behind the scenes video for the2019 Billboard Music Awards, V wears this zip-up sweater as he practices his English interview answers and gets his hair styled.

Within 24 hours of the video’s release, V’s WV PROJECT Baltimore Anorak Green Zip Up Jacket completely sold out!


3. These handmade bracelets

V loves luxury designers like GUCCI and Chanel, but he also supports independent artists and philanthropic brands, like Choi Changnam (Ccnmade). Ccnmade is a Korean accessories company that has been making handmade bracelets since 1993, for charity.

V’s has worn the bracelets for several shoots and with his regular clothes. Thanks to his star power, Ccnmade sold so many bracelets that they had to stop orders until their sold out supplies came back in stock.


4. These shirts

On August 13, V tweeted a lipsync video to Aminé‘s “BLACKJACK”. In it, he channels his rapper side while walking around with a self-cam, wearing a printed button-up shirt. 

In less than an hour, this olive green Lissom shirt completely sold out!

Fans also caused the white version of the same shirt to go out of stock.


5. This palette pin

Independent artist Kate Rowland found herself swamped with orders after V was spotted wearing her paint palette brooch at the airport. The laser-cut brooch, made from sustainable plywood and painted with a rainbow of colors, sells for £10.00 ($12.00 USD).

Thanks to V, Kate Rowland had more business than she could handle! She had to temporarily stop taking orders until she could get caught up again.