5 Products BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Promoted And Sold Out

Jungkook gave these brands a popularity boost without even meaning to.

BTS have serious influence in the retail department, and any brand would be extremely lucky to partner with them. Jungkook, in particular, has caused ARMYs to fly into buying frenzies, even when he’s not officially endorsing a product. Here are 5 products that sold out, thanks to his influence!


1. Downy

Recently, Jungkook caused an ongoing shortage of Downy fabric softener in Korea after he revealed that it’s the brand he personally uses for his laundry. ARMYs bought so much of it so quickly that Jungkook couldn’t find any for himself. Not only that, Downy had to issue an official statement explaining why almost two months worth of their supply sold out in a day!

Elsewhere in the world, retailers like Walmart and Target have been taking advantage of the craze by appealing to BTS-loving shoppers in cute and creative ways.


2. Nivea lip balm

Downy is the most recent recipient of Jungkook’s free promotion, but they aren’t the first. Jungkook also sparked a craze for this Nivea lip balm when he applied it to his lips in a BangtanTV “Bangtan Bomb”.

For a while, stores even used this illustration of Jungkook to promote the product, allegedly without permission.


3. Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint

Speaking of lip products, good luck finding any of this one at Sephora! When ARMYs found out that Jungkook uses Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint, they went shopping. Months later, fans are still having trouble finding it in stores!


4. Sweet pea scented body mist and shower gel

Jungkook loves scents, so it’s no surprise that ARMYs flocked to Bath & Body Works when they spotted these items among his things.


5. Johnson’s baby lotion

This product hasn’t sold out (yet), but it did receive a popularity boost when fans spotted it in Burn The Stage. BTS’s baby using baby lotion? It’s just too cute!