Target And Walmart Dive Into “Laundry Fairy” Jungkook’s Downy Craze

These big retailers are now stanning BTS, thanks to Jungkook.

Earlier this week, BTS‘s Jungkook accidentally caused a Downy shortage when he revealed that it’s his fabric softener of choice. Now, several big retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and taken advantage of his free promotion!


In Korea, two months worth of Downy’s supply sold out in a day and the company couldn’t keep up with the flood of orders for the product. Elsewhere in the world, Downy hasn’t sold out yet, but that may soon change if Target has any say in it.


On January 22, Target tweeted out this photo of a cart filled with Downy products and plush hearts. The caption “We [heart] this cart” includes the hashtags #BTS and #BTSARMY.


Target has also used this as an opportunity to keep shoppers updating on other BTS items like the ARMY Bomb lightstick, and The Notes 1.


ARMYs are loving Target’s involvement, especially their use of the symbolic purple hearts, but Target isn’t the only retailer-turned-BTS-stan.


Walmart has called Jungkook their “Laundry Fairy”, and the nickname is catching on fast!


Even Jimin seems to be in on the joke. He referred to Jungkook as a “cover fairy” in a recent tweet, in response to Jungkook’s latest IU “End Scene” covers.


Not to be outdone, Downy Brazil is offering 20% discounts to ARMYs!


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BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Caused A Fabric Softener Shortage