V’s Sold Out Accessories Are Raising Money For Charity

His fashion choices are helping out charities.

BTS‘s V is making the world a better place, one bracelet at a time!


Although this fashionista loves luxury designers like GUCCI and Chanel, he also supports independent artists and philanthropic brands, like Choi Changnam (Ccnmade).


Ccnmade is a Korean accessories company that has been making handmade bracelets since 1993. Their sales go toward sponsoring dogs and cats in need and helping children with heart disease. V’s love for kids and animals makes him the perfect unofficial ambassador for this brand.


V has worn these bracelets for a number of photoshoots, including the NAVER x Dispatch Billboard Music Awards photoshoot in Las Vegas and BTS’s 2019 White Day photoshoot. These bracelets also accessorize his regular outfits.


V’s star power has caused the bracelets to completely sell out. Ccnmade recently announced that their inventory has run dry, due to the high volume of orders. As such, they can no longer accept new orders until the bracelets’ gemstones are back in stock.

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