Jungkook Sold Out An Item With A Jaw-Dropping Price Tag

ARMYs emptied their wallets for this luxury hoodie.

Nothing is “too expensive” for BTS anymore, and apparently, not for some ARMYs either!


So far this year, Jungkook has sold out laundry soap, toothbrushes, chocolate milk, wine, and multiple clothing items without even trying to. His selling power is a superpower; everything he touches turns to gold!


Recently, BTS released preview photos for their annual summer DVD collection, 2019 Summer Package in Korea. In Jungkook’s individual shots, he wore this all you can eat tacos hoodie by brand VETEMENTS.


This sweater may not look luxurious at first glance, but it sells for as much as 73,000 yen or $688 USD!


This steep price tag didn’t stop fans from emptying their wallets. In just two days, the hoodie sold out on Japan’s RESTIR, a highly popular online store for luxury brands.


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