6 Products That BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Sold Out In 2019

The Golden Maknae has a golden touch.

BTS‘s Jungkook has a superpower: he can sell out any product he touches. Here are 6 products he has sold out in 2019, so far.


1. Downy fabric softener

Jungkook kicked off the new year with a Downy shortage. In January, he accidentally sold out two months worth of Downy fabric softener when he told fans it was his favorite one. For a while, no one in Korea could get their hands on it, not even Jungkook!

Recently, P&G Korea announced a collaboration between Downy and BT21 inspired by Jungkook’s Downy craze!


2. Toothbrush

On July 17, BangtanTV uploaded a “Bangtan Bomb”, starring Jungkook. He shaped his hair into a heart and tried to get Jimin‘s attention while brushing his teeth.

It didn’t take long for fans to track down Jungkook’s toothbrush. By the end of the day, WANGTA‘s Dr. Baek Toothbrush 688 sold out on a number of major online retailers, including Amazon.


3. Wine

If anyone needs proof that ARMYs aren’t all underaged fangirls, this is it. After Jungkook drank Merlot March by Umani Ronchi Vigor Sangiovese in a Vlive, ARMYs ordered so many bottles that the wine completely sold out in Korea in just 24 hours!

Because of Jungkook’s love for this wine, The Italian Chamber Of Commerce of Korea (ITCCK) ended up inviting him to Aperitivo!


4. Modern hanbok

On July 4, Jungkook showed up at Gimpo International Airport wearing a very unique, modern-style Korean hanbok that fans immediately fell in love with. It was a new product from Zijangsa, priced at 34,000 KRW ($29 USD).

Although the hanbok didn’t totally sell out, the site received a huge influx of orders that caused it to crash!


5. Fila Sport Shirt

This summer, BTS posted this photo of themselves decked out in Fila outfits.

Just one hour after the photo was uploaded, Jungkooks’ Fila Sport F Logo Loose Fit Tee Black sold out on various online stores, such as Shinsegae, Musinsa, and Hallyu Mart!


6. Diamond Layla Shirt

Jungkook wore this button-up when BTS visited the “ARMY with Letter” box for a BTS Weverse event.

Soon after, the shirt sold out in all sizes on all official websites in Japan, Korea, and the US. Fans just had to make this look their own!


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