Jungkook’s Sexy-Cute Look Stole Hearts At BTS’s “ARMY With Letter” Visit

He brought his duality to the BTS Weverse letter box.

Jungkook‘s visuals are just too much for fans, especially when they show up unannounced!


From July 17 to August 4, BTS Weverse is inviting ARMYs to write the longest letter in the world to BTS. The letters are continuously printed on one long sheet of paper at this letter box, located at Seoul Square Marina.


On August 2, BTS surprised ARMYs by randomly showing up at the box during their vacation time.


They went inside the box to write these special messages for fans.


All the members were as handsome as ever, but many ARMYs were especially drawn to Jungkook’s look.


He arrived in a loose-fitting button-up and tight, black pants with fluffy hair, looking like total boyfriend material.


His duality was in full swing too! In this photo, Jungkook has a mature, charismatic vibe…


…but in this video, he hops down the stairs like the world’s cutest bunny!


Fans who were there in person collectively fell in love with him all over again. They can be heard “awwing” in this clip, and it’s completely understandable!


Find out what BTS wrote to ARMY here:

BTS Makes A Surprise Visit To “ARMY With Letter” Box, Leave Messages