BTS Makes A Surprise Visit To “ARMY With Letter” Box, Leave Messages

The members arrived unannounced at the ARMY letter box.

BTS is currently on break, but the members are still finding time to show ARMY how much they love them.


From July 17 to August 4, BTS Weverse is inviting ARMYs to write the longest letter in the world to BTS. The letters are continuously printed on one long sheet of paper at this pink ARMY Letter box.


The box, which is located at Seoul Marina Square, has become a hotspot for fans. Little did they know that BTS would be visiting too!


On August 2, BTS arrived at the box unannounced, much to ARMY’s surprise.


They took photos outside of the box…



…and went inside…


…to write sweet messages to fans…


…one by one!


The members’ words have made this special place more precious than ever. Check out their translate messages below:


“Most handsome man in the universe Seokjinie was here :)”Jin


“Your hope ★ J-Hope ★ was here~♡♡”J-Hope


“Yeouido Weverse, handsome Namjoonie was here ~🥺♡” – RM


“Min Suga was here~!”Suga


“I was here – Kim Taehyung” – V


“Thanks to each and every one of your precious words!”Jimin


“Our space Weverse♡ Jungkook was here~♡” – Jungkook