Jungkook’s “Laundry Fairy” Downy Craze Has Led To A Limited Edition

This official collaboration is coming to stores soon.

A limited-edition Downy detergent will be hitting shelves, and it’s all thanks to the “Laundry Fairy”, BTS‘s Jungkook!


In January, Jungkook accidentally caused a major Downy shortage by mentioning the name of his favorite laundry soap during a chat with ARMY. Two months worth of Downy’s supply sold out in a day because fans just had to have it.


Even Jungkook couldn’t buy any!

“ARMYs… I used up all of my fabric softener, so I have to buy more… but they’re sold out. #armyisimpressive”

— Jungkook


During the craze, Downy Korea hosted a giveaway to show their gratitude to fans. They gave away free Downy products to a total of 400 giveaway winners. That could have been the end of the Laundry Fairy’s legacy, but nope! It is not.

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Now, months later, P&G Korea has announced an official collaboration between Downy and BTS’s LINE FRIENDS franchise, BT21. On August 14, a “Downy Adorable BT21” limited edition will be released. It will be sold in a 1L+1L pack for 11,000 won ($9 USD) at major supermarkets in Korea.


To celebrate its release, a launch event will be held at Coex Live Plaza on August 13. The first 500 attendees will receive lucky bags that include a Downy Adorable BT21 pack, plus BT21 goods.

Source: UPI News and Get News