BTS’s V Sold Out This Expensive Robe…While Advertising Something Else

He’s earning his ‘sold out king’ reputation all over again.

BTS‘s V has done it again. He’s sold out another product without even trying!


On September 12, VisitSeoul TV released a series of new tourism CFs, featuring BTS. These commercials advertise Seoul as the ultimate vacation destination, but many fans had trouble concentrating on the city when BTS were onscreen!


V‘s video, “getaway”, is all about gaming spots, including a VR theme park and an archery cafe. V introduces the video while wearing this Fear of God Plaid Flannel Robe.


It didn’t take long for ARMY to track down V’s robe and buy all the stock for themselves! Each robe sells for over $1,000 (regular price), but that hefty price tag didn’t prevent the robe from selling out in several online stores, including MatchesFashion and FarFetch.


Days later, MatchesFashion is still out of stock and FarFetch only has one robe available in each size!


Check out V’s whole commercial here to see what he’s actually promoting!