21 Times Jin Was The Most Savage Member Of BTS

These are some of the sassiest things Jin has ever said.

Among BTS‘s members, Suga holds the “Savage King” title, but there’s another member who is just as savage, if not more so: Jin! Here are 21 of the many, many times Jin proved it.

1. The only 10

2. Stating the obvious

3. Marriage proposals

4. Buy your own food

5. It’s an illusion

6. None of his concern

7. Pipe down, you non-artists!

8. The black shirts

9. Keep talking

10. Jin, being 100% supportive

11. Just shut-up and eat

12. Reality check

13. No need for honesty

14. Just the facts

15. Why are you bringing that up?

16. Friend requests

17. Uncultured swine

18. Attacking RM out of nowhere

19. Confidence level: Jin

20. Population: Jin

21. Jin Hit Entertainment