22 Best Photos From BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Instagram To Celebrate Her 22 Million Followers

Queen of duality.

As of April 28, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo officially reached 22 million followers on Instagram! This is a rare achievement that only a few celebrities have reached. The other BLACKPINK members also have an impressive following with 23-32 million followers each.

To celebrate this achievement, look on for 22 of Jisoo’s best Instagram photos below!

1. When she gave off total girlfriend vibes

2. When she was the definition of dainty

3. When she looked gorgeous in red

4. When she showed off her legs for days

5. When she celebrated her birthday in monochrome

6. When she wore oversized denim

7. When she was prettiest in a simple cardigan

8. When she made us wonder what she’s thinking

9. When she made us imagine what it’s like to eat with her

10. When she was edgy AF

11. When she wore the sweetest red top

12. When she was flowers come to life

13. When she was an aegyo master

14. When she was the cutest smol bean

15. When she was prettier than a sunset

16. When she appreciated street art

17. When she showed off her figure in a crop top

18. When she was a pattern mixer

19. When she was queen of the night

20. When she was queen of our hearts

21. When she had the most unreal visuals

22. No wonder she has 22 million followers!