22 Of BTS’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

Consider this today’s “try not to laugh” challenge.

BTS has had many hilarious mishaps over the years, but these are some of their best ones!


1. That time BTS’s backup dancers ripped off RM’s and Jimin’s shirts.

Jimin managed to keep one side of his shirt intact, but RM struggled to keep his flap of fabric from showing too much. He can seen trying to hide in the background while performing the rest of the dance.


2. Jimin fell into the splits while playing a game of Ddakji.

He turned this embarrassing blunder into an unexpectedly graceful one.


3. That time fireworks startled the entire Scaredy Cat line.

They jumped not once, but twice!


4. When Jungkook ripped the sides of his shirt from dancing too hard.

Jungkook and V both found this hilarious, but Jin covered the hole while wordlessly advising Jungkook not to get carried away.

5. Jungkook suffered yet another wardrobe malfunction when his shirt became undone.

Fans are forever cursing that last button.


6. When Jimin kicked his mic and knocked himself over.

Nothing made J-Hope laugh harder that day! For sure!


7. That time Jimin added a new move to the “Dope” choreography.


8. When Jimin slipped and fell flat on his back.

His concerned members looked at him like “WTF?”, just before staff came to the rescue.  Poor Jimin!


9. The time V completely wiped out at a skate park…when he wasn’t skating.


10. That time V wiped out when he was skating.

He just keeps finding new and creative ways to interrupt RM’s camera segments.


11. That time Jimin fell out of his chair but saved his laptop.


12. That time J-Hope had to dance in one shoe after accidentally losing his other one.

Luckily for Hoperella, Prince Jungkook was there to retrieve it.


13. When Jimin faceplanted like a toddler after falling off a tricycle on stage.

If RM is the God of Destruction then Jimin is the King of Klutziness.


14. When V tripped up while jumping rope in a onesie.


15. That time J-Hope got a little carried away at a fan meet and took Jin down with him.

No good deed goes unpunished, Jin!


16. When Jimin took this embarrassing tumble in front of a room full of fans.


17. That time the stairs threw off V’s groove.


18. That time J-Hope’s “Boy in Luv” jump didn’t go as planned.

He hopped around so much that he lost his shoe too!


19. That time Jungkook got a little overconfident during a dance battle on American Hustle Life.

He could barely look dance coach Jenny Kita in the eye afterward.


20. That moment when V completely forgot how to walk.


21. The time Jin and Jimin both lost their coordination.


22. That time Jin fell off Jimin’s back.

Luckily, only their dignity was injured in the fall.


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