22 Pictures Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie That Show Just How Big And Beautiful Her Eyes Are

She’s too adorable 🥺

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is one of the cutest idols out there, and a reason why is because of her big doe eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful that they have the power to instantly mesmerize you just by looking at her! Here are 22 pictures that emphasize Jennie’s big eyes, so get ready for an overdose of cuteness!

1. Whether Jennie is looking straight at the camera

2. Or away from it

3. Her big eyes shine in every picture

4. She could be wearing eye makeup

5. Or almost none at all

6. And she could still mesmerize you with one look

7. Her eyes are enviably beautiful

8. Some even say it makes her look like a cat

9. Whether you agree or not

10. It’s undeniably one of her best features

11. They are long and elongated

12. And contact lenses make them appear wider

13. Intense eye makeup suits her so well

14. Especially sparkly ones

15. And colorful ones

16. She always looks awake and energized

17. As well as innocent and angelic

18. She could draw you in with just one glance

19. And leave you stunned by her existence

20. Her big doe eyes are one of a kind

21. They are uniquely hers

22. But it’s only one of many reasons why she’s just so beautiful