25 Endearing Facts About The 25-Year-Old Jungkook Of BTS

There is no one else like him.

On September 1, the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, turned 25. ARMYs everywhere are emotional to see him grow a year older, which is understandable, given how Jungkook was just a teenager when BTS debuted.

Over the years, the golden maknae has given his fans the luxury to see the different sides, let them in on some secrets, and witness his growth. If that doesn’t make you feel touched already, here are 25 endearing facts about Jungkook that definitely will:

1. He loves to cuddle with his hyungs

He is very open to physical affection and often seeks it first from his co-members.

2. He frowns when the food is too delicious

If he doesn’t look angry after taking a bite, then the taste didn’t hit.

3. He picks on his baby facial hair when distracted

He can’t and won’t let that peach fuzz be.

4. He fought a puppy when he was 3 years old

This goes in the “facts about Jungkook that sound fake but are true” folder.

5. He loves to give himself sweater paws

You will never catch him not do this when he is wearing baggy, full-sleeve outfits.

6. He makes himself a cushion with his feet while sitting

Have you ever seen a daintier sitting pose?

7. He often sleeps with his mouth open

Wide enough for V to sneak in a French Fry without even waking him up.

8. He covers his nose while yawning

He said you will never catch me with flared nostrils on camera.

9. He loves to play with the camera

Whenever there is a camera too close, he will go OJO no matter what.

10. He touches his ears when shy

Also, when he is nervous.

11. He used to call himself Nochu

This one is known to only fossil-age ARMYs by the way.

12. He used to carry around a baby chick lunchbox inside his military bag

A true analogy for Jungkook on the outside versus on the inside.

13. When he joined BigHit, he was shorter than Suga

Now he easily towers over him at 5’10”. That explains why Suga had a meltdown realizing that Jungkook is an adult now.

14. When he hugs someone, he puts his chin on their shoulder

How can a habit make so many people drown in their own tears?

15. He got in trouble as a child for cheating on a test

The way his mother handled the situation explains why Jungkook is such a pure-hearted, balanced adult.

16. He talks to inanimate objects and animals

Have we considered the possibility that he is a real-life Disney princess?

17. He can’t wink properly

Somehow, this inability makes him even more lovable.

18. He is a self-admitted hopeless romantic

Because, of course, he is.

19. He sleeps in a ‘V’ pose

The many eccentricities of Jeon Jungkook.

20. He claps in tiny

Somebody pass the tissues.

21. He has perfect pitch but is shy to admit it

Charlie Puth hadn’t confirmed it recently, but he has shown this ability on camera before as well.

22. He wanted to be Haku from spirited away

Jungkook stop b being endearing challenge and so far he is failing miserably.

23. He is sensitive to smell

He had mentioned that because of his rhinitis, he cannot stand strong scents.

24. He loves to drink milk

Plain, banana flavored, chocolate flavored-you name it, this man will drink it.

25. He is scared of microwaves but not of bungee jumping

Just a normal lad with normal fears.