30+ Of The Hottest Korean Stars At The 26th Busan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony

No offense to the 2021 Met Gala, but the 2021 BIFF red carpet topped it!

The 26th Busan International Film Festival (2021 BIFF) kicked off with an opening ceremony hosted by Song Joong Ki and Park So Dam on October 6. The festival is filled with only the hottest stars and will continue until October 15. During this time, over 220 films from 70 different countries will be featured.

“The opening ceremony of the 26th Busan International Film Festival is held at the Busan Cinema Center in Busan, Wednesday.” | Yonhap

Many actors and directors of the Korean entertainment industry hit the red carpet along with the MCs ahead of the opening ceremony. Check out the most dazzling stars below…

1. Han So Hee

Netflix‘s Nevertheless and My Name star’s look is perhaps our favorite of all!

2. Park Hee Soon and Han So Hee

The stars of the upcoming thriller series My Name were out, looking amazing as ever!

Park Hee Soon (left) and Han So Hee (right).

3. Song Joong Ki

Our favorite MC, actor, and consigliere Song Joong Ki looked especially handsome in a tux.

4. Yoo Ah In

As for our favorite thriller actor, it’s none other than Yoo Ah In! You can see him soon in Netflix’s Hellbound.

5. Park So Dam

The Parasite actress and MC for the event looked equally adorable, beautiful, and classy this evening!

6. Go Min Si

The director, actress, and model is best known for roles in Love Alarm, Sweet Home, and The Witch.

7. Jeon Yeo Been

Previously, she has won the “Actress of the Year Award” at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival for After My Death. You may have seen her in Vincenzo.

8. Bong Joon Ho

The beloved Oscar-winning Korean director Bong Joon Ho has made many of our favorite films, such as Parasite and Snowpiercer.

9. Kim Hye Yoon

We’re honestly obsessed with the Sky Castle and Extraordinary You actress’s dress.

10. Won Jin Ah

She’s perhaps best known for Melting Me Softly, Life, and Rain or Shine.

And, this fit is absolutely amazing.

11. Kim Gyu Ri

The Portrait of a Beauty actress stunned everyone with this sexy red dress.

12. Kwon So Hyun

The actress and singer was also a member of the girl group 4Minute.

13. Lee El

She’s known for numerous roles in both film and TV, such as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, A Korean Odyssey, and more.

Her outfit perfectly includes a slit that shows off her tattoo!

14. Jang Dong Yoon

Very few people can make a traditional black suit look so good, but Jang Dong Yoon is certainly one of them.

The actor is best known for lead roles in The Tale of Nokdu and School 2017.

15. Kim Hyun Joo

You can see this legendary actress in Undercover and Hellbound this year.

16. The Hellbound stars together

From left: Yoo Ah In, Kim Shin Rok, and Kim Hyun Joo.

17. Byun Yo Han

The film and TV actor appears in The Book of Fish and Voice this year.

18. Oh Yoon Ah

The model and actress can be seen in K-Drama Fly High Butterfly and film The Cursed: Again.

19. Ki Hong Lee

The Korean American actor has appeared in the Maze Runner film series and Netflix sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt among many other productions.

20. Shim Eun Woo

She is best known for hit K-Drama The World of the Married, which was also her first main role in a drama.

21. Kim Yong Ji

The model and actress looked stunning as always!

22. Uhm Ji Won

This beautiful actress stars in the 2021 film The Cursed: Again, an extended version of the 2020 drama The Cursed.

23. Park So Yi and Choi Hee Seo

Child actress Park So Yi appeared on the red carpet with her Deliver Us From Evil costar Choi Hee Seo.

Park So Yi (left) and Choi Hee Seo (right).

24. Jo Jin Woong

The award for who had the most fun… Clearly, the ever-so iconic actor Jo Jin Woong!

25. Seo Young Hee

She’s best known for her award-winning lead role in the horror movie Bedevilled.

26. Lee Joo Young

You can see her in K-Drama The School Nurse Files or movies On the Line and Shades Of The Heart.

27. Park Hae Il and Choi Min Sik

Choi Min Sik has been in critically acclaimed films such as Oldboy. He also co-starred with Scarlett Johansson in the 2014 film Lucy.

Park Hae Il (left) and Choi Min Sik (right).

Park Hae Il is also an award-winning actor with experience in both film and theater.

28. Bang Eun Jin

She’s known for a lot as she is an actress, director, and screenwriter, but K-Drama fans will recognize her from Crash Landing on You.

29. Ahn Bo Hyun

This versatile actor is best known for his role in Itaewon Class but is currently starring in Yumi’s Cells and soon will be seen in My Name.

30. Tang Joon Sang

Recently, he has gained recognition for roles in Move to Heaven and Crashing Landing on You.

31. Lee Seol

Less Than Evil actress Lee Seol is absolutely gorgeous!

32. Jang Hyun Sung

He has acted in numerous roles and has even served as a screenwriter for films such as the 2006 movie Romance.

33. Ahn Sung Ki

A living legend, he has been in more than 130 movies!

Source: Korea Times