10+ Relatable Fan Reactions To 2NE1’s Surprise Performance At Coachella 2022

What more could you want from one of the biggest reunions in K-Pop?

2NE1 took over Coachella 2022 with a surprise performance of their 2011 mega-hit, “I Am The Best.” Here are 10+ reactions to the iconic reunion.

1. They’re back again

This performance was the group’s first since their surprise reunion at the 2015 MAMAs. Fans couldn’t believe that CL had once again gotten the group together.

2. Things have changed

From 2015 to 2022, a lot has changed. Still, 2NE1 proves they remain a force to be reckoned with.

3. It was coming

Some fans could sense what was coming after CL walked off during her set. The moment was iconic.

4. Some things never change

Some things never change, including iconic elements, even 10 years later.

5. They’re still professionals

Sandara Park had a small mishap and lost her shoe. How she handled it proved her true professionalism!

6. They’re making history

Fans who have been a part of the K-Pop scene for some time, know how incredible this moment was. It will surely be remembered.

7. It all makes sense

Everything about this performance just felt right.

8. They’re legends

2NE1’s silhouette remains iconic.

9. CL is still a great leader

CL continues to prove her capabilities as a leader, including the way she makes sure the other members feel comfortable onstage.

10. It was a dream

For some fans, the reunion didn’t even feel real!

11. The moment was well deserved

Fans agree that 2NE1 deserved this chance to once again perform together on stage. CL popping champagne just seems fitting.

12. They’re the baddest

2NE1 doesn’t have to perform if they don’t want to. They do it for the fans and for each other, which makes it that much better. They’re the baddest.