Sandara Park Is A Total Professional After Small Stage Mishap In 2NE1’s Iconic Coachella 2022 Performance

It was so funny she had stop herself from laughing mid-performace!

2NE1 reunited for a surprise performance at Coachella 2022, leaving fans flabbergasted and making for one of the most legendary moments of their already legendary career. The members showed that they were in their element, and their performance proved just why they are considered to be one of the OG queens of K-Pop. But there was one moment in particular that showed Sandara Park‘s professionalism, and that was when she lost a shoe after a small stage mishap.

2NE1 was far from lacking in stage presence from the moment they stepped on stage.

Their performance simply oozed power…

And in fact, it may have oozed a little too much power! At the end of the performance, some noticed that, strangely, Sandara was missing a shoe.

As it turns out, she had danced so hard that, in the middle of the performance, she did a hick kick that made her shoe fly clean off her foot!

Fans already had a lot to enjoy with 2NE1’s surprise performance, but Sandara’s flying shoe was the cherry on top. It was not only funny, but it was also proof of how much she put into the performance—and fans haven’t failed to appreciate it!

And as it turns out, fans weren’t the only ones who thought it was amusing. A closer look through a fancam revealed that Sandara actually had to stop herself from laughing after her shoe came off…

…which is both hilarious and impressive, considering how seamlessly she pulled off the rest of the performance. She even tweeted a series of pictures after the performance that included a hilarious zoomed-in image of her feet right before she left the stage.

| @krungy21/Twitter

Sandara Park was an icon through and through in 2NE1’s Coachella 2022 performance, from her iconic fit…

| @krungy21/Twitter

…to the way she handled her funny stage mishap. She gave it her all, bringing a spectacular performance to fans who have been waiting for years, and she did not disappoint! Sandara and her members have certainly made this stage a truly memorable experience for BLACKJACKs!