2NE1 Reunited: OG K-Pop Queens Stun Coachella 2022 With A Surprise Live Performance

HOLY MOLY? 😱😱😱 This is not a drill!

K-Pop fans at Coachella 2022 had the best night of their lives, with a surprise performance from the OG queens: 2NE1!

2NE1 reunited at Coachella 2022. | @88rising/Twitter

Reunited for the first time since the 2015 MAMAs, 2NE1 performed their 2011 mega-hit, “I Am The Best,” live on the main stage!

While CL had previously been announced as a part of the lineup for 88rising‘s “HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FOREVER” showcase, the Coachella audience did not anticipate witnessing one of the biggest reunions of K-Pop!

With Sandara Park sporting the iconic hairstyle—but better, CL being the “Baddest Female” on the face of the planet, Park Bom blessing the city of Indio with her unparalleled vocals, and Minzy still 200% owning that maknae-on-top status…

2NE1 on stage at Coachella 2022. | @dropthekhhtea/Twitter

…BLACKJACKs are going to remember April 16, 2022 forever and ever.

Source: @88rising