BIGBANG’s Daesung Takes Heat For “Disrespecting” 2NE1

He commented on his labelmates on a popular YouTube show.

Psick University, a YouTube channel led by Korean comedians, runs a regular series called the Narak Quiz Show. Poking fun at “cancel culture,” the show asks its guesting celebrities a series of controversial questions intended to “cancel them next.”

In the latest episode, BIGBANG‘s Daesung took his chances against comedians Lee Yong Ju and Kim Min Su.

Comedians Lee Yong Ju (left) and Kim Min Su (right) with BIGBANG’s Daesung (center) | @psickuniv/Instagram

When asked to list four YG Entertainment artists—Teddy, Jinusean, BLACKPINK, and 2NE1—in the order of most to least contributions made to the management’s success as one of K-Pop’s “Big 4,” Daesung placed 2NE1 last. The video then showed a caption reading, “Daesung Crowns 2NE1 As The Least Significant In YG Entertainment.”

Kim Min Su: Next question. List these artists in the order of their contributions made to the success of YG Entertainment.

Daesung: What?! Oh, OK.

Daesung: Let’s do Teddy… And then… Jinusean. They built the foundations. And…

Kim Min Su: Which artist made the least contributions, then?

Daesung: 2… 2NE1?

Kim Min Su: 2NE1 did not contribute to the success of YG Entertainment, according to Daesung.

Daesung: It’s actually BIGBANG. But we’re not one of the choices! We made no contributions, c’mon.

In a follow-up question, Daesung picked Minzy as “a member not needed in 2NE1.”

| @PsickUniv/YouTube

Lee Yong Ju: Here’s a follow-up question then. Which 2NE1 member made the least contributions?

Daesung: [Screams] Nooo!

Daesung: How could you ask me to pick a member who is not needed?! This is evil.

Daesung: I am in this alone, aren’t I? This is the loneliest shoot, ever.

[Struggles to pick between Sandara ParkMinzy, and Park Bom]

Daesung: This is driving me insane! But… I’ll go with Minzy. Minzy, I’m sorry! Oppa had no idea what kind of a show this was!

While Daesung does add, “It’s BIGBANG, but we’re not one of the choices,” and apologizes to Minzy, claiming, “I had no idea what kind of a show this was,” 2NE1 and fellow K-Pop fans expressed feeling offended.

Some have pointed their disappointment at Daesung for “disrespecting” 2NE1—no matter how close he is with the members (when he could have opted not to answer the questions like he did with BIGBANG-related ones), while others have directed their anger at the comedians and Psick University for being problematic.

| theqoo


  • “It’s hilarious how the real questions were not asked. Instead, the show dragged on another group instead.”
  • “A bunch of pathetic men.”
  • “Baffles me.”
  • “I think what’s funnier is that [Daesung] DOES skip all of the questions that ARE related to BIGBANG. LMAO. Yuck.”
  • “Both the comedians asking the questions and Daesung answering them are disappointing. Birds of a feather, TBH.”
  • “What was the point of Daesung being on this show if he was going to choose to skip all the questions about BIGBANG? Does he think that people want him on the show because he is missed? Get a grip.”
  • “If the show wanted to be controversial for real, it should’ve asked more questions about BIGBANG. What’s the point of dragging 2NE1 into it at all? LOL.”
  • “Talk about BIGBANG’s T.O.P And G-Dragon. And Seungri. Or about that one problematic building that Daesung once owned. But no, let’s pick on other groups instead. Huh? Nothing was entertaining about this.”
  • “For real. Picking on other groups for what?”
  • “I don’t understand the purpose of this show to begin with… Who wants to get canceled?”
  • “How come the show didn’t ask about BIGBANG when there is a gazillion things to be asked?”
  • “Listing the four artists in order, fine. I can take it as humor. But the follow-up question about a member not being needed? That’s where the show crossed the line.”
  • “F*ck this. How come the show didn’t talk about T.O.P? Or drugs? Or Seungri and his Burning Sun scandal instead?”

In addition, Koreans felt that the episode didn’t ask too much about BIGBANG themselves when the group has been the center of countless controversies in the past.

| Instiz
  • “Wow. These are some rude-AF questions.”
  • “Invites a member of one of the most problematic groups in K-Pop history… Has him pick on 2NE1 instead. LMAO. Peak comedy, indeed.”
  • “T_T”
  • “This is so disrespectful, haha. I was expecting them to ask Daesung stuff like, ‘How many members does BIGBANG have?’ I thought the episode would be hilarious, but no…”
  • “Should’ve asked about BIGBANG instead. The show could’ve gotten multiple episodes out of that. But I guess not!”

The consensus shared, “There was no reason to drag 2NE1 or other YG Entertainment artists into the episode when BIGBANG alone can produce a gazillion intentionally-controversial questions to fit the show’s concept.”

| @PsickUniv/YouTube
  •  “The show didn’t even get into Seungri all that much. And it didn’t want to f*ck with BLACKPINK, either. Instead, it dragged 2NE1 for no reason. It’s the pettiest sh*t I’ve seen. Haha.”
  • “I don’t think the show should’ve cast Daesung if it wasn’t going to ask about BIGBANG at all.”
  • [Unrelated Comment]
  • “TBH, Daesung’s reactions carried this entire episode. All of the questions asked were so underwhelming.”
  • “What’s the reason for bringing 2NE1 into this? So random. It’s f*cked up.”

Meanwhile, a handful of Psick University fans are urging K-Pop fans to “leave comedy as comedy.”

Source: Instiz and theqoo