3 Distinct Types Of Visuals That JYP Entertainment Is Known To Love And Adore

His type is so our type though.

The loyal fans of JYP Entertainment‘s K-Pop groups know by now — the agency’s new talent recruiters, and J. Y. Park himself, have a very distinct preference when it comes to their trainee visuals. Many boy and girl group members who have debuted with JYPE share some traits that are undeniably similar when it comes to the way they look. Here are the three most evident “types” of faces that JYPE is known to love and adore!

1. The Bunny Type

The bunny type, or the large-eyed visual with big bright smiles, is a JYPE favorite. Suzy, GOT7‘s Mark, and TWICE‘s Nayeon are all prime examples of the “bunny” visual.

2. The Dragon Type

The dragon type, or the cat-eyed visual with that massive sexy vibe, rivals the bunny type as JYPE’s acquired taste. GOT7‘s JB, ITZY‘s Yeji, Stray Kids‘s Hyunjin, and DAY6‘s Young K all fit this type. Perhaps this Tweet will help the visualization:

3. The “Rain” Type

The Rain type, or any mono-lidded and square-jawed male visual that resembles former JYPE superstar Rain, is also a solid JYPE-preferred type. 2PM‘s Junho and GOT7‘s Youngjae would fall within this group!

Bonus: The Dino Type

The dinosaur type, though only a small group of two faces, is surely a type after all. DAY6‘s Wonpil and Stray Kids‘s Seungmin, who are like doppelgängers, make up this type!

Source: THEQOO