These 3 Girl Groups Are Peaking Right Now, With Their Career-High Album Sales


Track records of album sales in K-Pop mean much more than numbers. This particular data can actually show K-Pop fans how far an idol group has come and how far they can go. With that said, these three girl groups have reached their career-highs with record-breaking album sales. Fans are thrilled to see their biases’ hard work pay off — and can’t wait for what greater adventures lie beyond this new peak.


GFRIEND‘s “Crossroads” that dropped on February 3, 2020 is a whole bop and it shows!

The group’s album sales broke 53K for the first time since their debut in 2015. Fans are celebrating how long GFRIEND have come one step at a time, to have reached this new milestone — and they look forward to the group growing even more from here on.


EVERGLOW‘s “Dun Dun” that also dropped on February 3, 2020 has done-done it!

This power rookie group from 2019 has already reached the stellar record of 13K copies sold. EVERGLOW now hold an unrivaled reputation for their catchiest, easy-to-sing-along type songs.


LOONA‘s “So What” that dropped on February 4, 2020 is one empowering song for sure.

LOONA, who debuted in 2016, have been pioneering in the world of K-Pop with their experimental concepts, songs, and promotions. So what if they are different? All of that unique charm has led the girls to this new achievement: Over 19K copies, sold!

Source: Twitter and THEQOO