These 3 Girls Are Considered The Top Visuals Of “Produce 48”

These three are considered the top visuals among the “Produce 48” contestants.

With Produce 48 continuing to attract millions of viewers each week, interest in the fate of the contestants is growing – and the buzz over notable trainees. As more performances are aired, Koreans have come to a consensus on which trainees are the top visuals – and netizens consider the below trainees to be the top three.


1. Kim Sihyun

Kim Sihyun might look a little familiar, because not only did she appear on Produce 101, but she immediately received a lot of attention for looking like Suzy!

The 20-year-old is signed with Yuehua Entertainment and has a dedicated following of fans from Produce 101. She’s known as “flower Kim Sihyun”.

She has been ranked in the top 20 in Produce 48 so far and gained more and more recognition for her sexy and cute dance moves.


2. Kim Minseo

Kim Minseo is a 02 liner signed with HOW Entertainment.

From early on in the show, she gained huge support for her visuals, especially when she performed with the other HOW trainees.

Although her rankings have not been bad so far, she’s consistently stayed within the top 40.


3. Kim Minjoo

Kim Minjoo is signed with Urban Works and has gained huge popularity with netizens for her effortless beauty.

Not only that, fans support her talent for singing, dancing, playing guitar and acting; she appeared in an episode of The Great Seducer earlier this year.

Plus she has a cute friendship with Kriesha Chu, which fans love.

The 18-year-old has ranked in the top 20 of contestants.


Kim Minseo and Kim Minjoo interacted together when they participated in a “hidden box” mission together, but both lost!


Netizens all seem to agree these three girls are the top visuals among trainees, but are divided over who is the very best!

  • “Kim Minseo is f*cking pretty”
  • “Kim Minseo is the best”
  • “Kim Minseo is seriously pretty”
  • “Kim Minjoo owns everyone”
  • “All of them are pretty, but Minjoo just stands out.”
  • “Minjoo seriously looks so good on screen, I’m always in admiration ㅋㅋ”
  • “All of the 3 are pretty, but Chaewon is also prettyㅠㅠ”
  • “Except Minjoo I’m not sure”
  • “Minseo and Sihyun are f*cking gorgeous”
Source: The Qoo