Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of The IZ*ONE Reunion Between Kwon Eunbi And IVE’s Jang Wonyoung On “Music Bank”

There were so many IZ*ONE crumbs!

In April 2021, netizens worldwide couldnt hide their sadness when it was announced that girl group IZ*ONE would disband. The group gained popularity after it was created from Mnet‘s show Produce 48, and the 12 members very quickly gained love worldwide from fans.

Members of IZ*ONE | IZ*ONE

However, since the group disbanded, all of the members have shined in their own ways, debuting in new groups or shining as solo idols. Yet, that doesn’t mean that IZ*ONE has been forgotten about and one interaction between two of the members has caused the internet to explode.

In particular, the interaction involves the duo of Jang Wonyoung, who is now a member of IVE and host of KBS’s Music Bank and soloist Kwon Eunbi. They were known as MadMakz when they were in IZ*ONE.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung (left) and Kwon Eunbi (right)

On April 8, Kwon Eunbi shined on KBS’s Music Bank as she performed her latest track “GLITCH.” As expected, the idol absolutely slayed in her performance, showcasing talent, style and grace.

| KBS WORLD TV/ YouTube 

Of course, one of the MC’s on Music Bank is Wonyoung and the duo reunited when the idol and co-host ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon interviewed Eunbi for the show. As soon as the interview started, the duo’s chemistry was undeniable as the duo congratulated each other on their comebacks.

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube 

Even as Sunghoon appeared, the duo seemed to be in their own world as they gave each other a hug! Of course, being Music Bank, the trio also did their own rendition of “GLITCH.”

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube
| KBS Kpop/ YouTube   

Of course, when the interaction was shared, netizens couldn’t get over the interactions between the duo. On social media, they shared their excitement at the reunion.

However, it wasn’t the only IZ*ONE member Eunbi reunited with. On Instagram, the idol shared a picture with Wonyoung…

| @silver_rain.__/ Instagram

But Eunbi also posted a picture with another member of IVE, who is currently promoting their own comeback with the track, “LOVE DIVE.” In the same post, Eunbi posted a picture with another IVE member who was a member of IZ*ONE, and it’s none other than Yujin!

IVE’s Yujin (left) with Kwon Eunbi (right) | @silver_rain.__/ Instagram

Even though IZ*ONE might have disbanded, the members continue to prove how close they are. Considering IVE and Kwon Eunbi are promoting together, hopefully, there will be a lot more interactions in the future.

Source: KBS Kpop