IZ*ONE And X1 Managers Answers Questions About The Groups’ Future Promotions And Current State

The manager commented about the Japanese members and their upcoming album.

As the year is coming to a close, many are curious as to see what CJ ENM and Mnet will decide about the fates of IZ*ONE and X1, two groups that were revealed to have been manipulated results from the Produce 101 series.


News reporters were able to get in touch with IZ*ONE’s manager to see if the group will be promoting anytime soon. The manager explained that nothing has been proceeding as they await CJ ENM and Mnet’s decision.

No one is doing anything right now. We believe we’ll have to see how the results come out before we can do anything.

— IZ*ONE’s Manager


When asked if the Japanese members headed back to Japan, the manager confirmed that everyone is still in Korea since they may be releasing a new album soon.

No, they’re still in Korea. They’ve only just halted their activities so far since it’s right before their new album release.

All they’ve done over the past 1 year is actively promote [as IZ*ONE].

— IZ*ONE’s Manager


When the reporters reached out to X1’s manager, he was more discreet

There’s nothing I can say to you about it at the moment.

— X1’s Manager


When asked if the members were faring well, he shut down the conversation by replying, “I’m sorry, can you call me back another time? There’s nothing confirmed at the moment.


CJ ENM announced that they are currently discussing the future of IZ*ONE and X1 with the members and their respective agencies. They claimed they would come up with their final decision by the end of this year.

Source: Newsen