CJ ENM and X1 Hold Secret Meeting To Decide The Fate Of The Group, Some Members Don’t Want To Keep X1 Together

Not all the members want to keep X1.

CJ ENM and all 11 X1 members reportedly had a secret meeting recently to decide the fate of X1 as a group, and according to the reports, not all of the members agreed to keeping the group.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, CJ ENM met with all 11 X1 members at an unidentified location on November 15. This is the day before the V Live Awards: V HEARTBEAT, which X1 ultimately cancelled their appearance the same day.

At the meeting, CJ ENM officials took the time to ask the X1 members for their opinions on whether they should keep X1 as a group. However, it has been confirmed by Joy News24 that the X1 members failed to reach an agreement due to differing opinions from the members on whether they could maintain or disband the group.

CJ ENM contacted each member’s agency after the meeting, and stated that they would maintain X1 as a group if the members wanted it. However, as of November 20, the member’s opinions have not changed, and CJ ENM fully intends on deciding the fate of X1 based on the members’ opinions.

An official from one X1 member’s agency told Joy News24 about the meeting.

CJ ENM recently held a meeting where only the X1 members gathered together.

— Agency source

CJ ENM also confirmed that such meeting did occur.

It’s true that CJ ENM representatives did recently meet with X1.


This is the latest development in the Produce series vote manipulation scandal, following the arrest of the show’s PD, Ahn Joon Young, and CP, Kim Yong Bum.

Source: Joy News24