3 Idols Who Are Completely Unmatched In Their Love For Animals

These idols’ passion for animals is just as awesome as the animals themselves!

Just like many of us in the world, there are lots of idols who love animals. Perhaps they have pets that live in dorms with them, such as seven-member boy group WayV’s three furry friends: cats Leon and Louis, and dog Bella.

WayV poses with pet cats Leon (left), Louis (middle), and dog Bella (right) for “Little Friends” merch collection | SMTOWN&STORE

Sometimes fans liken their favorite idols’ faces or charm to a specific animal. For example, fans believe that TWICE’s Nayeon and BTS’s Jungkook have smiles that resemble bunnies.

A smiling TWICE Nayeon (left) and BTS Jungkook (right) | @heartlipped/Twitter & @sugatistic/Twitter

However, there are a few who stand out from the crowd for their appreciation of animals. Here are three animal-loving idols that will melt your heart.

1. Seventeen’s Hoshi

While some CARATs believe that Hoshi looks similar to a hamster, it’s no secret that Hoshi is truly captivated by tigers.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi holding tiger plushies and a box of tiger-themed fried chicken | @wonubliss/Twitter

The name Hoshi itself, means a tiger’s gaze in Korean. He coined the phrase “horanghae” which is a combination of the words horangi (tiger) and saranghae (I love you) in Korean. Sometimes he adds a tiger claw pose whenever he uses the phrase, or for ending poses after performances.

Hoshi has a collection of tiger print clothing, tiger plushies, and even has a tiger phone case.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi holding his tiger phone case | @sungchvn/Pinterest

Hoshi has also made a song called “호랑이 Power”, (“Tiger Power”), which he performed at the SEVENTEEN “POWER OF LOVE” online concert in 2021. To support his “horanghae” agenda, CARATs even collaborated together to adopt two tigers for a year in dedication of Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s “Tiger Power” ending pose | @lesbiancarat/Tumblr

2. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

While cats and dogs are some of the most beloved animals out there, Minhyuk has a unique favorite— whales! His Instagram handle, @go5rae (pronounced gorae) means whale in Korean.

MONSTA X Minhyuk in an ocean themed photshoot | @W Korea

He even has a tattoo on the front of his knee of a whale, symbolizing his fascination with the deep ocean.

MONSTA X Minhyuk’s whale knee tattoo| @thewhaletakesyou/Pinterest

Minhyuk also loves painting whales, often posting his creations on the MONSTA X fan cafe for MONBEBE to see.

MONSTA X Minhyuk paints a whale in the sky | @ultsmx/Twitter

3. Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Lee Know takes his love and philanthropy for cats to the next level!

Stray Kids’ Lee Know takes a selfie with his cat Soonie | @shyhyunjin/Stray Kids Amino

Lee Know is the proud owner of three feline friends, named Doongie, Soonie, and Dori.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know’s three cats, Doongie (left), Soonie (center), and Dori (right) | @Iida/Quora

While his three cats don’t live in the Stray Kids dorms, Lee Know often includes his cats in his personal vlogs whenever he visits home. He is also an advocate for rescue animals and ethical adopting, as he adopted his cats Soonie and Dori from a rescue shelter and Doongie from a friend who could no longer take care of it.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know poses with cats Soonie and Dori | @jypeminho/Twitter

Additionally, Lee Know has purchased various accessories, such as earrings, to support the conservation of snow leopards and other animals.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know holds earring dedicated to snow leopard conservation | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Inspired by Lee Know’s kindness towards animals, STAY have followed suit with philanthropic actions of their own. In 2021, 346 STAYs collaborated with a cat figurine retailer named Poundcat Store to donate to the I Love You, Naviya cat shelter in Seoul, South Korea. How endearing!

Source: TikTok @herzy_doodle, Twitter @v_xmas_vV, Poundcat Friends and Twitter @leeknowish