These 3 Korean Celebrities Are Praised For Their Beauty After Gaining Weight

They have a whole new vibe!

After gaining weight, these celebrities received praise from netizens for their charms. Check out the top 3 who are recognized for the transformation!

1. Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah’s typical look is a fit physique and pretty appearance.

However, when she had a few more pounds, her round cheeks gave her a whole new and adorable look!

The different look made her appear more youthful.

2. Park Jung Ah

Typically, Park Jung Ah has a slender appearance with little body fat.

However, after gaining weight from pregnancy, she seems to glow!

| @jjungah0224/Instagram
| @jjungah0224/Instagram

3. Jung Eun Chae

Jung Eun Chae also keeps her body very slender.

However, with just a few more pounds, netizens have commented that her appearance is lovely.

They have also commented her cute appearance makes her look more vibrant, as well.

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