3 Korean Celebrities Who Went Viral For Stealing The Spotlight At Weddings

Imagine meeting them in person 👀

Many couples look forward to their wedding day, and they celebrate the special occasion by inviting close friends and family to witness their exchange of vows.

| Alex Inch

For some people, the friends they invite happen to be famous celebrities in the entertainment industry! The following 3 celebrities almost stole the spotlight from the bride and groom themselves because of how well-received they were by guests.

Check them out below!

1. Lee Je Hoon

Respected actor Lee Je Hoon went viral after pictures of him attending his friend’s wedding spread online.

He graciously took pictures with everyone who requested for one…which was almost the entire guest list, it seemed!

2. Ong Seong Wu

In June 2019, One Seong Wu was spotted attending the wedding of his manager. He became a hot topic online for his prince-like appearance and dapper suit.

Fans who saw him gushed over his visuals and joked how he must have come straight out of a drama. Although he reportedly wasn’t the only celebrity in attendance, he stole the show that night!

3. BTS’s Jin

When talking about celebrities who went viral after attending a wedding, BTS’s Jin definitely comes to mind.

Guests could hardly keep their eyes off him, and it’s easy to see why! His handsome visuals shone even brighter than usual because his tidy appearance and classic black suit.

If you were to see a famous celebrity at a wedding, how would you react?

Source: theqoo