These 3 K-Pop Idols Originally Didn’t Want To Debut In Their Respective Group

Number 1 was angry at the thought of joining his group.

K-Pop idols work extremely hard as trainees, so most would assume that idols would be extremely excited when they’re presented with a chance to debut. This isn’t always the case, as some idols were a little hesitant about joining their respective group when it was time to debut.

1. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

The leader of BIGBANG was originally against the idea of the group debuting. Taeyang and G-Dragon were friends from a very young age and spent many years training together so that they could debut together.

G-Dragon and Taeyang as trainees.

When Yang Hyun Suk told G-Dragon and Taeyang that they were going to be debuting alongside other trainees, G-Dragon was furious. G-Dragon had been preparing to debut alongside Taeyang as a hip hop duo, so the change of plans didn’t sit well with him. G-Dragon even talked with people in the company saying, “Why do I have to do it with them? I’ve been practicing with Taeyang for six years. What is this?”. 

Source: Weheartit

Though, G-Dragon eventually opened up to other members of BIGBANG and grew closer to them.

2. Tao (Former member of EXO)

While Tao might no longer be a member of EXO, he originally was hesitant on joining the group. During an interview, Tao shared some of his experiences as a trainee at SM Entertainment. He ran into many difficulties, such as being unable to communicate with other trainees. Due to this, he spent most of his time either learning Korean or practicing.

Tao also trained extremely hard because SM Entertainment selected him to be a member of EXO almost immediately.

Tao was a trainee for only around 1 year before he debuted as a member of EXO. He felt that he wasn’t ready to debut yet, so he requested SM Entertainment to pull him out of the group, but they refused.

3. Suga (BTS)

Suga wasn’t against the idea of joining BTS, but he originally didn’t want to debut as an idol. When Suga signed with Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si Hyuk originally promised Suga that he would be debuting in a group like 1TYM, where he would only have to focus on rapping, no dancing, which ended up being a lie.

In a Japanese interview, Suga also revealed that he wanted to be a composer, and originally didn’t want to become an idol.

Source: Koreaboo

While Bang Si Hyuk might have tricked Suga in the beginning, it was a good decision that he did, as it would be impossible to imagine BTS without Suga.