These 3 Dancer Idols Are Set To Become K-Pop’s Next “It Boys”, According To An Idol Trainer

They’re going to be even more iconic.

A professional K-Pop idol trainer In Ji Woong shared on his YouTube channel the three next-generation male idols in the K-Pop scene with the most potential — to lead the industry with their talents, especially with their dance moves. While he advised his choices are based on his preferences as a trainer and a dancer, viewers generally agreed with his selection of K-Pop’s up-and-coming “It Boys”.

1. Yeonjun (TXT)

According to the trainer, TXT’s Yeonjun is both a spotlight-stealer and a team-player. In other words, Yeonjun knows when to show off his innate talent at dancing versus when to blend in with the rest of his teammates to create a harmonious performance. In Ji Woong commented, “Yeonjun is like a straight-A student when it comes to dance.” While keeping every move on beat and sharp, Yeonjun still manages to add his color to the choreography. This, which is difficult and rarely successful among male idols, proves that he has what it takes to be the next generation it-boy.

2. Hwanwoong (ONEUS)

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong is, like his stage name taken after a Korean mythological god suggests, the next in line to rule the K-Pop dancer kingdom. The trainer pointed out, “Hwanwoong has a sense of relaxed grace to his dance moves,” and so he looks like he’s having all fun and feeling no pressure on stage. According to the trainer, this “grace” can only come from an incredible amount of confidence that is built on practice. Hwanwoong’s ability to make any choreography look easy-breezy is surely going to charm K-Pop fans sooner or later!

3. Jisung (NCT)

Finally, the trainer praised NCT Jisung’s incredible attention to detail and good tendency to be meticulous with his every move. “Like a master, set on filling every second of the performance with perfection”, Jisung doesn’t waste a single moment on stage. In fact, the trainer added, “Jisung revealed in an interview that he even thinks about how to flip his hair better so that it all adds to the aesthetic.” Hence, according to the trainer, this dedication is bound to pay off. More importantly, the trainer added, “Jisung is still young and so his physique is still developing.” So then, when he does finish developing that physique… Would we stand a chance at trying not to stan? Probably not.

Source: THEQOO and InJiWoongTV