These 3 Male Idols Are Making Natural Wavy Hair The New Trend

You won’t want to see male idols with anything else.

Idols often change their hairstyles based on their concepts, which makes it even more special when they decide to sport their natural hair.

And, there’s three idols that are currently rocking the longer, wavy look better than anyone else.

1. BTS’s Jungkook

Fans had been hoping for a long while that Jungkook would let his natural hair flourish for all to see, and it seems like he listened to their wishes. He debuted his longer hair in its natural wavy state, and it was a hit among ARMYs.

The fact that he didn’t dye it an unnatural color and left it dark made the look that much more stunning. He can pull off any length and color, but this may just be his best look yet, especially if ARMYs have any say about it.

2. NCT’s Yuta

Yuta has been turning fans’ heads with the many looks he’s been trying with his long hair, changing its color from a soft purple to fiery red. If he can manage to make the most vibrant colors look elegant, natural wavy hair is no problem.

With brown highlights in his naturally dark hair, the wavy strands have NCTzens appreciating how he can make the look seem so effortless. Not only can his hair take a break from all the dye but it takes his beauty to another level.

3. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Similar to Jungkook, fans had been waiting for the moment that Hyungwon would let his hair grow longer than usual. And, that moment has finally come because he suddenly appeared with long hair somewhere between wavy and curly.


Hyungwon’s visuals are stunning no matter which way his hair is styled. Although this particular look isn’t something Monbebes had seen coming, it’s become one of his best looks. And, they’re looking forward to seeing how much more iconic it’ll become.

After seeing Jungkook, Yuta, and Hyungwon pull off natural wavy hair so effortlessly, who wants them to change it for a concept ever again?

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