These 3 Male K-Celebrities Look So Good With Long Hair It’s Crazy

Keep the wavy trend going, please!

A recent trend making its way around celebrity hairstyles these days is a longer, shaggier cut that frames their faces just right; and these are 3 men who are absolutely killing this trend!

Here are 3 K-Celebrities who owned longer hair!


1. NCT 127’s Yuta

NCT 127’s Yuta has been growing his hair for quite a while now; ever since their “Regular” era. Fans have been especially appreciative of Yuta’s part in this trend because he seems to suit long hair so much!

While 190614 Yuta remains superior, his other appearances like the one at the Global Citizen Festival (where NCT 127 also made history!) have also been marked as a deadly reminder of how good he looks with his long hairstyle! 


2. Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon has been making waves across fans and non-fans alike ever since the beginning of his new drama, The Tale of Nokdu. In this particular drama, he plays a cross-dresser who’s goal is to infiltrate a mysterious all-female community. For the role, he’s let his hair grow longer- and fans are so glad that he did!

The transformation has made him almost unrecognisable from previous photos, and netizens all agree this is his best visual game yet!

3. BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s maknae Jungkook debuted his long hairstyle before the group’s 2 month rest period at the Lotte Family Concert, and fans were curious to see if the length would stay after their break- and it did!


Fans everywhere agree that this is one of Jungkook’s best looks to date, and surmise that while short hair makes him look young and like a true maknae, his long hair makes him look more mature with a sexier aura, marking his transition to adulthood.


They all look great in this hairstyle; lets hope they keep it for a long, long time!