Here Are The 3 Powerful Female Voices Behind “The World of The Married” Soundtracks

They contributed to making the show a huge hit!

On May 16, 2020, The World of The Married — irrefutably JTBC‘s most successful series now — came to a somber ending. As bewildering as the series had been, K-Drama lovers are not yet able to let go of the series. For some closure, check out these powerful female vocalists behind the bone-chilling soundtracks that made The World of The Married simply intense.

1. Jaurim’s Kim Yuna

Jaurim’s Vocalist Kim Yuna

The main soundtrack “Lonely Sailing” is by the 23-year-old rock band Jaurim’s incredibly talented vocalist Kim Yuna (who also goes by Kim Yoon Ah).

This song is deep, dark, and almost eerie. The lyrics, like “The cold wind pierces through me and shatters my broken heart again” and “I’m all alone on this lonely sail, so here I go into the eternal darkness”, perfectly convey the endless despair the lead role Dr. Ji Sun Woo (actress Kim Hee Ae) faces throughout the series. Listening to “Lonely Sailing”, you’ll feel like a lost boat out in the open sea — with no direction, no hope.

If you liked Kim Yuna’s voice in “Lonely Sailing”, her soundtrack “Days Without Tears” for Mr. Sunshine carries a similar vibe — and it will leave you feeling melancholic all day.

2. Sonnet Son

Sonnet Son (Son Seung Yeon)

The third soundtrack “Sad” is by soloist Sonnet Son (or Son Seung Yeon), who has never stopped wowing K-Pop fans since her win on the 2012’s Voice of Korea.

This song is, as blatantly as the title suggest, is sad. As the lyrics like “Sad, I’m so sad, ’cause I’m sending you my pain and tears” suggest, though, this sadness is more of a hate-fueled, angry-sad — as compared to the hopeless-sad in “Lonely Sailing”. Sonnet Son’s passionate cries of the word “Sad” repeating in the chorus will surely kindle an emotional fire in your heart.

If you liked Sonnet Son’s voice in “Sad”, her 2019 release “I’m Not A Warrior” is a must-listen. She’ll have you convinced, she deserves the next Disney soundtrack!

3. Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young

The sixth soundtrack “Days We Loved” is by the beloved queen of K-Drama soundtracks, soloist Baek Ji Young.

This song is filled with regret, longing for the good days in the past that no longer exist. The lyrics, like “It hurts so much that I can’t even miss you anymore, so I shed dry tears and fall apart in a silent crumble”, show the sheer pain that is caused by infidelity, betrayal, revenge, and ultimately loss. And Baek Ji Young’s most unique, I’m-about-to-burst-into-tears voice really brings out the feels in this one.

If you liked Baek Ji Young’s voice in “Days We Loved”, you’ll also love her mega hit soundtrack “Don’t Forget” from the K-Drama Iris. As one of her most iconic and popular songs, this track helped Baek Ji Young take the throne!