30+ Funniest Fake Dispatch Tweets From January 1

K-Pop fans are the best.

Dispatch has a long time tradition of releasing a new A-list couple every January 1st of the year. Excitement from millions of people was definitely felt as they trended on Naver

dispatch trending korea

…and Twitter. They were such a hot topic that the tag #Dispatch eventually raked in over 1.4 million Tweets by the end of the day.

dispatch twitter


As Dispatch failed to release the new couple’s names on their usual 10:02AM KST time and their announced 12PM KST time, fans got progressively more invested…and wild.


Without further ado, check out the funniest Tweets from January 1st’s Dispatch tag!

1. Tzuyu and Jungkook


2. Jimin and Jeongyeon


3. Irene and Suho

4. Jin and The iPhone


5. Jinyoung and Jisoo


6. Joshua and Jeonghan


7. Minho and Jisung

8. Jackson and Yugyeom


9. Sana and Mark


10. Mark, Mark, Mark, and Mark

11. OP and Jin


12. Jaehyun


13. Moonbyul and Solar

14. Suga and Agust D


15. SHINee


16. Lee Sooman and JYP


17. Wooseok

18. Seungmin


19. Yeji and Hyunjin


20. Baekhyun

21. Sana


22. ARMYs


23. All Fandoms

24. Suho and Yoona


25. Jungkook and a “Non-Celebrity”


26. Jisung and the Floor


27. Best Boy Byeongkwan

28. Hyeongjun and Chuu


29. Seulgi and Irene



30. And finally, all of us K-Pop fans

31.Β Yes, we’re the clowns.

32. Dispatch never revealed the new couple themselves🀷

33. So grab a lightstick!


. . .