These 30 K-Pop Dances Are Known For How Ridiculously Synced They Are

It’s one thing to be perfectly timed, but to be perfectly synced up is even more impressive.

K-Pop groups are often known to be incredibly cohesive when it comes to dancing, but some groups are definitely known for perfect syncing more than others. While it’s impressive to be perfectly timed with each other, being perfectly synced up is different, and even more impressive, because it requires the members to not only be perfectly timed but to also have their movements lined up perfectly with each other too (such as kicking heights, the angles of certain arm and leg movements, etc.). These are 30 dances where the members in their respective groups are incredibly synced up!

1. “Clap” by SEVENTEEN

2. “Beautiful” by Wanna One

3. “Butterfly” by LOONA

4. “Again” by ASTRO

5. “Fancy” by TWICE

6. “Black on Black” by NCT

7. “Cactus” by A.C.E


9. “All Night” by ASTRO

10. “Boss” by NCT U

11. “Don’t Wanna Cry” by SEVENTEEN

12. “Chain” by NCT 127

13. “Burn It Up” by Wanna One

14. “Hellevator” by Stray Kids

15. “Lucifer” by SHINee

16. “Paradise” by TRCNG

17. “So What” by LOONA


19. “Double Knot” by Stray Kids

20. “Good Night” by Dreamcatcher

21. “Dance the Night Away” by TWICE

22. “Dramarama” by MONSTA X

23. “Navillera” by GFRIEND

24. “Heart Shaker” by TWICE

25. “Runaway” by PENTAGON

26. “Teenager” by GOT7


28. “Spectrum” by TRCNG

29. “Chain” by NCT 127

30. “Victory Song” by Stray Kids

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