These 30+ Photos Of AOA Seolhyun’s Unreal Proportions Will Tell You Exactly Why She’s A Renowned Body-Line Queen

Such a gorgeous woman, with an incredible body-line to boot!

AOA‘s Seolhyun has been famous for her beauty as Korea’s “It Girl” for a while, and along with her features, she is immensely praised for her gorgeous body-line! Here are 30+ photos for you to marvel at Seolhyun’s unreal proportions, because let’s be real, queen works it hard!

1. Such a queen!


2. “Bingle Bangle” era Seolhyun was serving such looks!


3. Body-line queen!


4. Another one for Seolhyun from “Bingle Bangle”!


5. Seolhyun is a superior visual!


6. As Korea’s “It Girl”, Seolhyun dominates with her beauty!


7. This dress highlights Soelhyun’s amazing figure so perfectly!


8. Sexy queen!


9. Seolhyun in this gown is everything!


10. She was made for jeans!


11. Even her casual visuals are stunning!


12. Seolhyun’s figure is killin’ it in this dress!


13. “Good Luck” era Seolhyun was perfect for summer!


14. She’s such a fashion icon in this gown!


15. Seolhyun in this gown is literal perfection!


16. Seolhyun’s body-line looks so pretty in this dress!