Just 30 Photos Of BTS Jimin’s Extremely Ripped Thighs For Your Viewing Pleasure

Can you say thicc?

ARMYs are well aware of just how strong and powerful BTS’s Jimin is in his performances due to his amazing figure and body proportions. While he may have been gifted an amazing body, he still put in an unimaginable amount of effort to have the figure he has today. From exercising and dieting to practicing day in and day out, there wasn’t a moment that went by that he didn’t do his best. All his hard work paid off as he now has the strength and health to keep doing amazing performances for the fans as it is what he loves to do the most. Let’s take a look at some photos of his super thicc thighs that have helped in creating the most unreal dance moves on stage!

Do you all remember this famous move by Jimin? This takes a whole bunch of core strength in order to something this crazy!