30 Photos That Prove NCT’s Taeyong Can Rock Any Color Of The Rainbow

Between different hair colors and outfit colors, Taeyong has worn pretty much every shade you can think of.

Taeyong is known to experiment with all kinds of colors, whether it’s his hair, clothing, accessories, or just general aesthetic. Because of this, there are tons of pictures out there of him looking gorgeous in nearly any color you can think of. Here are 30 pictures of him in each shade of the rainbow, as well as neutral colors that he looks equally stunning in.

1. He looks fiery hot in shades of red

2. The times he looked chic and fashionable in bright orange

3. His bright personality is made even bolder with pretty yellows

4. He’s most well-known for his iconic green hair…

5. He looks cool and relaxed in soft and elegant blues

6. Rich or pale purple really flatters his features

7. He looks super cute and approachable in pretty pink!

8. He looks absolutely angelic in all-white, especially when his hair is the same…

9. Grays are anything but dull on him, especially paired with silver hair

10. And finally, of course he looks just stunning in dark, classic black