4 Celebrities Who Were Instrumental In Bringing Others To Fame

These celebrities might as well start up an entertainment company.

1. Hong Suk Cheon

Hong Suk Cheon is famous for pinpointing which rookie actors will become huge Hallyu stars in the future. With Suk Cheon’s extensive experience in the entertainment and fashion business, he’s got good eyes for the next big star. Some of his picks include Hyunbin, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Dong Won, and Park Bo Gum.

He’s particularly famous for seeing Kang Dong Won at a fashion show and advising him to start acting.

He even saw Woo Do Hwan at the “Master” premiere and instantly knew he would blow up.

“I predicted he would become a lead actor within a year.” — Hong Suk Cheon


2. Wheesung

Wheesung is a talented singer, record producer, and musical theatre actor who has a special eye for vocalists. When he was in YG Entertainment, he was BIG BANG’S vocal coach.

When Taeyang was training to be a rapper, he made the decision to train him as a vocalist instead!

Wheesung was also responsible for Ailee getting casted to YMC Entertainment. He became her mentor and even wrote & produced her debut song “Heaven”.


3. Song Eun Yi

Eun Yi is a famous MC, radio host, and gagwoman with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment biz. She has a special eye for entertainers who could become a multi-talented TV personality like herself.

One of her pet projects was Kim Saeng Min. Before his scandal occurred, Song Eun Yi succeeded in her goal of bringing stardom to Kim Saeng Min. Not only did he appear in 7 TV programs, he also had a popular personal finance podcast, and several commercial deals. He was later exposed for sexual assault and stepped down from all his TV programs.

Dispatch Exposes Kim Saeng Min For Sexually Assaulting Two Women

Song Eun Yi also declared that her next prospects would be Kim Shin Young and Ahn Young Mi for 2018. In January, Song Eun Yi, Kim Shin Young, and Ahn Young Mi along with Shin Bong Sun and Kim Young Hee debuted as comedic girl group “Celeb Five”.

Their music video currently has over 5 million views and they’ve made several appearance on music and variety shows.


4. Shin Dong Yeop

This Korean comedian and television host has raised several comedians who have gone on to have very successful TV careers.

He pulled Jang Do Yeon and Heo Kyeong Hwan from the comedy world and they are now well-known television personalities and hosts.

Shin Dong Yeop is also the one who suggested to Yoo Hee Yeol to start appearing on variety shows.

He also saw Jung Sang Hoon performing as a musical director and and advised him to join the cast of SNL Korea. Jung Sang Hoon hesitated at first but believed in Shin Dong Yeop’s vision, and became a star through SNL Korea.

Source: 1boon