Dispatch Exposes Kim Saeng Min For Sexually Assaulting Two Women

This trending TV star has been hiding his sexual misconduct cases for 10 years!

Comedian and reporter Kim Saeng Min, who has been trending recently because of his TV programs like Kim Saeng Min’s Receipts and Animal Farm, has been exposed for his two sexual assault cases from a decade ago.


Dispatch released the full investigation story, revealing that he had committed not one, but two sexual assaults at a karaoke bar during a staff party.


The report unveiled at the karaoke bar, a female staff asked the victim “A” to go see Kim Saeng Min who was looking for her in a separate room. When A found Kim Saeng Min sitting in the room by himself, she asked if something was wrong as the two had a long history of working together.

Kim Saeng Min answered nothing was wrong and asked A to come sit next to him. When A said no, Kim Saeng Min dragged her into the room and sat her down. A tried to escape, but he overpowered her. A was able to walk out of the room when another staff member came to find her. When A left, Kim Saeng Min said, “Good luck with everything.”

This staff noticed A’s hair was messed up and her shirt and underwear had come undone. When the staff asked what happened in the room, A shared that Kim Saeng Min had tried to take advantage of her.


A was later approached by the main writer of the program, asking about the details of the night. She met the main writer in person and filed an official sexual assault report. At this point, the case of another victim “B” surfaced. A and B had been assaulted on the same night. However, Kim Saeng Min apologized to B only, neglecting A’s case completely.

In a phone conversation with Dispatch, the main writer who was involved stated, “I spoke to the main producer about both A and B’s cases. I strongly pushed for Kim Saeng Min to leave the show, but I don’t know why he ended up apologizing to only one of the victims.”

The main producer explained to Dispatch, “I did receive report of Kim Saeng Min’s misconduct at the karaoke, but only about victim B.”


While Kim Saeng Min remained a part of the program and the broadcasting company took no further action to investigate A’s case, A was pressured to quit working for the program. The broadcasting company’s employees who were aware of the incident tried to cover up A’s allegation and pressured her to let go. A ended up leaving the industry without ever receiving an apology from Kim Saeng Min.

  • “B went through a lot more than you (A) did, but she doesn’t ask for something so unreasonable like Kim Saeng Min quitting the program.”
  • “Do you want to take him to the police? Do you want money? Everyone will know around here.”
  • “I’m sure it will be hard to see Kim Saeng Min around. Why don’t you leave the studio?”
  • “This happens all the time in the media industry. If you’re a staff, stick to being a staff.”


With #MeToo movement growing stronger in Korea, A decided to reveal Kim Saeng Min and sent a 6-page letter to Dispatch that led to the investigation. In the letter, she claimed, “I am opening up my wounds again writing this letter.”

“I did not drink on the night of Kim Saeng Min sexually assaulting me. I recall every detail of him forcing himself onto me and physically violating me. I realized if I don’t speak up about the broadcasting companies and the media industry silencing the victims, which pressure the victims to continue moving on by themselves completely broken, I am also taking part in this violence. So I am opening up my wounds again writing this letter.” — Victim A


Kim Saeng Min claimed, “I spoke to the main producer who made me aware of victim B… I was not aware another victim existed, but if I could, I’d like to apologize now.”


Dispatch illustrated the events of March 21st when the press agency and Kim Saeng Min met A in person to apologize, a decade after the night of the sexual assault. To the victim who kept calm during the encounter, Kim Saeng Min admitted, “I’m sorry. I remember what happened. Please forgive me.”

A told Kim Saeng Min, “I accept your apology. I will try to forgive you too. But I cannot stop the articles and media coverage. I also don’t want to sit back and let such things happen ever again.”


Kim Saeng Min released an official statement regarding the sexual misconduct allegation.

“This is Kim Saeng Min. I am sorry for letting everyone down with my misconduct. What I did at the dinner party 10 years ago was wrong. I did not realize the victim was hurt and I was only made aware very recently. I know it is too late, but I met the victim in person and sincerely apologized for my actions. I am ashamed and sorry. I feel horrible about the pain I have caused the victim. I apologize again and again. If I hadn’t been there that day, if I hadn’t done what I had done, I also wouldn’t be putting everyone around me through this right now. This is all my fault, I am very sorry.” — Kim Saeng Min


TV programs featuring Kim Saeng Min are considering their next course of action to take — whether he needs to be removed from his shows or not.

Source: Dispatch and OSEN

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